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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a photographer, do I really need a videographer too?

Your stills photographer is extremely important and will do an excellent job of documenting your day, however a photographer captures a moment while a videographer tells a story. Having a videographer is an excellent way to look back on your wedding day through the medium of film. It’s a great way to relive the events and emotion from the day as it happened and recall the parts of the day you may not have seen or completely forgotten about.

Do I need a videogrpaher, all our guests have camera phones?

They are guests and they want to enjoy your day with you.  No friend or family member wants the responsibility of getting that first kiss or unmissable reaction. There is nothing worse than wobbly out of focus shots that have a finger half over the lens or in the wrong orientation.  Let them celebrate with you and let me look after the filming. When I speak to new brides the biggest regret they have is not having a professional video.

Wedding videographers seem to be very expensive, why is this?

This is a question that gets asked an awful lot. Although we spend maybe 10 – 12 hours with you on your wedding day, it does not finish there. We spend several days editing your video. We also when required meet the couple beforehand and maybe there is a rehearsal to attend. This along with purchasing and maintaining all our equipment along with insurance is the reason why the cost seems high. However compared to the cost of other things at a wedding which only last the day we are capturing moments which last a lifetime.

Can we meet you beforehand to discuss our day?

Yes, I do encourage it. It’s nice to meet beforehand to get to know each other and to ask any questions you may have and I will have questions about the running order of your day. Its good for me to know what’s happening and when.  However if you don’t want to meet that’s absolutely fine, we do send out a questionnaire well in advance of your wedding which gives you the opportunity to provide all the information needed. Alternatively we can chat on the phone.

How far in advance should I book your services?

We can take bookings up to 24 months in advance of your big day. Depending on availability we might be able to take last minute bookings.

How much is your booking fee? How do we pay it?

We ask for a minimum £250 booking fee to secure the date. The booking fee comes out of the overall cost of our service.  We take payments via Bank Transfer. The remaining balance is due 21 days before the date of your wedding. You can make payments in instalments if you prefer.

How many hours do you work on the wedding day?

Depending on the package you choose we will be at the ceremony venue all set up ready to go 1 hour beforehand. If you have chosen to have the bride/groom preparation filmed then we will be at those locations in plenty of time. We stay with you throughout your day until an hour or so after your first dance. If you would like me to stay longer into the evening, there is an extra cost for this. Please ask us about this.

How long before we receive our finished video?

With each of our packages we aim to provide a 60 second teaser for you within 72 hours after your wedding. This is ideal for you to share on social media if you wish or just to have a quick flashback of your day. We do this as we know couples are so excited to see photos and videos from their big day. Depending on what package you chose the highlights and feature film will be finished between 3 – 6 weeks after your wedding.

What's the difference between a teaser video, highlights, or feature film?

The teaser will be around 60 seconds long and is just a selection of nice shots to music for you to see and remind yourselves of how wonderful your day was. We have introduced this in all our packages as we know how keen the couples are to see the videos and photography straight away.  The highlights is a more detailed video with a duration of between 5-8 minutes depending on the length of your day. This will be edited to music with lots of audio from the ceremony and speeches to compliment the images. This is the video that we feel most people will share with their family and friends as it’s short enough to give a feel for the day but too long for people to get bored. The feature film is a longer video which can vary from 30 to 120 minutes depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches. This is a chronological film of your day including the full ceremony and speeches along with the first dance along and plenty of guests partying after complimented with lots of wonderful images in between.

How will we receive our video?

The 60 second teaser will be provided by an online downloadable link. If you choose the Gold package, your highlights will be provided on a separate link. In addition to the downloadable link, for the Diamond and Platinum package, your edited highlights will be sent on a USB pen drive in a beautiful presentation box.

Could we see a little edit of the day to show our evening guests?

Yes indeed. This is possible, please contact us for pricing.

Do you travel?

Yes I can travel anywhere in the UK or abroad. Venues up 60 miles of OX29 are free of charge. Any distance beyond that will be charged accordingly. Please ask for more details.

There are certain things I would like filmed, or not filmed. Can you do that?

Absolutely. When we send out our questionnaire, this will give you the opportunity to inform us of anything special you would like us to capture.

Can I have one of my favourite songs included?

This is a very commonly asked question and the answer in theory is yes. We will need to purchase a Limited Manufacture licence, there is a small cost to this which will be included and grants permission to use commercial music. However the down side to this, is that you will not be allowed to share your video on social media or online. Instead, I and most videographers pay for a yearly subscription to a licence free music website with 1000s of tracks available. The music here is specially chosen for your video and then you are free to share online.

Do we need to provide a meal for you?

No you don’t, however if you were to offer I wouldn’t say no and it would be very much appreciated. Most couples do provide meal for the photographer, videographer and other suppliers.  We would eat at the same time as your guest in another room or in the bar area. Most hotels and catering companies are able to cater for this.

Are you insured?

Trebor Productions have substantial Public Liability insurance. A copy of our certificate is available on request should your venue require it.

What equipment do you use?

We use professional Sony Cameras with a number of lenses. We use Rode Wireless mics and a 3-Axis Stabiliser for those smooth shots. We edit on AVID which is the broadcast industry standard editing system.

Can I change something if I am not happy with the finished video?

Change requests are rare, if you feel very strongly about a shot being changed for whatever reason I will make those changes within reason free of charge. Our aim is for you to be 100% happy with video.

Can you stream our wedding?

Yes indeed. This is possible, please contact us for pricing.

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