Wedding tips

Prioritise intimate moments, consider an unplugged ceremony, relish the dance floor, and treasure each shared kiss and dance.

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Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception

It’s your day, do what you want, not what you think other people want.

Take some time once the service is finished, try to take 10 minutes just for the 2 of you in private to reflect on what has just happened.

Cutting the cake just before you sit for your meal or right before your first dance as then you have the guests’ full attention.

Have your speeches either before or after your meal. Having speeches in between each course can make it extremely difficult for the caterers to manage their food preparation and also makes it more difficult for the photographer and videographer to capture everything.

Allow some time in the early evening If you are getting married in the summer to make the most of ‘golden hour’ to get some more nice videos and photos with at sunset.

Consider writing a short letter that each of you open on the morning of the wedding.

Have an ‘unplugged’ ceremony. Advise guests that you have hired a professional videographer and photographer, so there is no need to view the service behind a screen. Encourage them to enjoy the day (registrar/celebrant happy to announce this) It also does not look nice on video or in photos when someone is holding up a big ipad or mobile phone.

Walk slowly down the aisle and during the confetti shot, maybe stop and have a kiss.

When you have a first kiss, don’t be afraid to go in for another one.

If you want to throw your flower bouquet but would also like to keep it, then throw your bridesmaids flowers instead.

Give your marriage certificate (if given one by registrar) to one of the bridal party before you walk back down the aisle so your photos and videos don’t have a big envelope in shot. 

Try to avoid reading your speeches from a mobile phone or an A4 piece of paper which has been folded four ways in your pocket all day. Small cards are ideal.

Enjoy your first dance alone, a lot of couples invite other guests to join them after 30 seconds but it does not allow enough time for the videographer/photographer to get some nice shots of the two of you.

Dancing footage is a big part of the wedding video so if you stay on the dance floor for a few songs after the first dance, this will mean that guests will more than likely stay too.

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